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A View From The Edge 2023 **GET THIS OUT OF MY HOUSE SALE**

  • A View From The Edge 2023 **GET THIS OUT OF MY HOUSE SALE**

​we're all the worst kind of chrome samurai now​

​The year is 2023 and it is the future.

Corporations rule the streets of the Infinite City. Skyscrapers blot out the blackened sky. The rain is constant and smells like sulfide. Bosozoku patrol the alleys, protests against the Black Shakes fill the streets, and the media doesn't give a damn anymore.

You are one of the chosen, to be sure; one of the few, to be pure.
Make your way through the dystopian hellfuture.
Steal to make your living. Build a new future for yourself.
You're gonna get out of this or you're going to die trying.

Carve out a name for yourself.
Stick it to the bastards once and for all.

​A VIEW FROM THE EDGE 2023 is a retroclone of the classic 1993/2020 edition of the classic cyberpunk roleplaying game. In this edition, we have strived to keep all rules and tables compatible with the original release but updated the layout and design to modern standards.

This Ashcan release has placeholder areas and stock art. As we continue to update and evolve the game, new art and expanded rules will be added.

Please note that this physical copy will have differences from the PDF. The PDF will always be the most updated and accurate version available.

Purchase includes PDF release via DriveThruRPG, emailed to you within a few days.

Original Release Date: June 2023