Preorder the setting & bounty module CERES: THE PLANET THAT NEVER SLEEPS today! Estimated ship date: April 2023

Hell of a place to be awake, too. And nowhere better to be. It's humid and sticky from the scheduled rain and it's alive in a way a lot of the system isn't. Yeah, they say all this shit about humanity's real home being Earth, but here on Ceres you can feel the future actually forming up. And it's a future not meant for you, unless you're mean and lean and ready to act without hesitation. If you don't have the cash or the connections, you better have nerves of steel and an iron will. You better be able to flow with the moment.

There's malls and concerts and shopping, and TV and convenience stores, because people live here. But what you're here for is the hustle, the catch and the chase. You're here to claw out your own piece of the future for yourself, with your own hands.

Welcome to Ceres…Try not to die.

CERES: THE PLANET THAT NEVER SLEEPS is a 40+ page setting and bounty module for our 90s anime-inspired scifi jazz fusion bounty hunter TTRPG SEE YOU, SPACE COWBOY… but can easily be used in any space or scifi TTRPG system.


·36 detailed locations to hunt bounties in
·18 bounties with portraits ready for you to drop in
·Useful tables to instantly add flavour
·Super cool city point crawl map
·Dope corpo-fascist cyberpunk world built by Maid of Tin
·Killer artwork by Jaki King, Tyler Hogerty and Mitch Speck
·Useful, gameable faction write ups to make the world feel alive
·Numerous NPCs ready to interact with your Outlaws
·Disease ridden rats!


This time is a PREORDER. This means it will be released in the future. If you order this item, everything in your order will ship at once. You will receive the PDF of CERES as soon as it's done (est. February 2023).