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Upgrade your Outlaw with new body, arm and brain tech from one of four manufacturers: the suspiciously generic inJoyment, the safe and stable NILE Corporation and Blackwell Biodynamics, or the scuzzpunk street doctors LoTek™. Add in some Cybermodules to enhance specific abilities and your chrome samurai will be ready to face the tough future: ready to run, hunt, fight and play harder than ever before.

Too late to cry, star child. The dark future’s here in six retinal burn-in colors.

The Cybernetics Catalogue for SEE YOU, SPACE COWBOY… is a 16 page supplement that offers cybernetic installations for Outlaws (player characters) in the CUSC universe. With over 40 Cybermodule upgrades available, you can customize your Outlaw to the limits of your creativity…and your wallet. These things don’t come cheap, so you better get back out there and hunt some Bounties to afford it!

·12 Cybernetic base enhancements by four different corporations
·40 Cybermodule upgrades
·24 Modchips to give you Advantage on any Break
·Excellent 90s-style catalogue layout
·Fictional ad copy by Maid of Tin
·Cover artwork by Demon Dionysus
·Cybernetics artwork by Tyler Hogerty, areyoshi, Slyllama, Dyelute & more
·Easy to follow rules!
·100% Human Created Content!

Estimated Ship Date: March 2024

NOTE: This item is a PREORDER. Any orders containing the CYBERNETICS CATALOGUE will need to wait until the CYBERNETICS CATALOGUE is available to ship.